PennApic Native Wildflower Bulk Seed Sale

PennApic is selling our own custom blend of native and beneficial seeds for

honeybees and other native pollinators. No filler! When you order one pound of seeds, that is what you get. We have selected only native and

non-invasive varieties. This mix will grow in all planting zones in the U.S.


Help support PennApic, a nonprofit 501(c) association focused on education and support of the honeybee industry. Details of PennApic can be found at


Wildflower Seeds for the 2012 growing season.


Seeds include: Black Eyed Susan (N-Biennial), Arroyo Lupine (N-A), Blue Flax (N-A), Purple Coneflower (N-P)), California Poppy (N-P), Plains Coreopsis (N-A), Wild Perennial Lupine (N-P), Corn Poppy (N-A), Gayfeather/Blazing Star (N-P), Lanced Leaf Coreopsis (N-P), Lemon Mint (N-A), Blue Columbine (N-P), Rocky Mountain Pestemon (N-P), ***N-Native, A-Annual, P-Perennial.


Available sizes: # Ordered____ 1 oz. Packet (Covers approx. 100 sq. ft.) $5.00

                                          ____ ¼ pd. seeds (Covers approx. 375 sq. ft.) $15.00

                                          ____ ½ pd. seeds (Covers approx. 750 sq. ft.) $28.00

                                          ____ 1 pd. seeds (Covers approx. 1,500 sq. ft.) $40.00


_______Check here if you want your purchase (or portion) to be given to a community project, through the PennApic outreach program. If ordering more than one package, please be clear in your instructions of the portion you want to donate.


Shipping fee is: 1 oz. Packet - $1.50 ¼ pound - $3.00  ½ pound - $4.00

1-4 pounds $8.95  5 or more pounds, order is shipped Free.


Send Orders/ Payments to: PennApic P.O. Box 141 Lewisberry, Pa. 17339

All Checks/Money Orders are to be made out to “PennApic”.


***Send your name, proper mailing address, contact number along with order. 

Thank You For Your Support