Donated Seeds to Date: 2.25 pounds

Individuals, bee associations, and companies, who donated funds to provide seeds to schools, community projects, and environmental groups are listed below.

We thank them for their support!

Pennsylvania Apiculture

2013 Bulk Native Wildflower Seed Sale

PennApic is providing native and beneficial wildflower seeds for the 2013 growing season to help raise funds for the nonprofit association. These seeds are selected for honey bees and other beneficial insects. They are easy to grow, and would add to any garden or open space you plant them.


Two items you should know about these seeds:


1) We could of gone with a cheaper seed mix. NATIVE seed mixes are more expensive. They are better for the overall environment as these are the plants and flowers that native species depend upon.


2) When you buy PennApic seed mix, you are not paying for filler or paper products. When you buy one pound of seeds, that is exactly what you get...ONE POUND OF SEED! 

Meadow restoration projects, and homeowners setting aside land for beneficial pollinator insects is greatly needed, and appreciated. Additional information aimed at helping homeowners can be found here (CLICK HERE)


Purchase wildflower seeds for your own property, as a gift to another person, or donate your purchase for community outreach programs provided by PennApic. Decrease of natural forage areas for honeybees and other beneficial insects has been an area of concern for the bee industry and beyond. So help do your part.

Order Now for your spring planting needs and festivities such as Earth Day. Makes a nice gift for your gardening friend or family member!

Wildflower Seeds for the 2013 growing season.


Seeds include: Black Eyed Susan (N-Biennial), Arroyo Lupine (N-A), Blue Flax (N-A), Purple Coneflower (N-P)), California Poppy (N-P), Plains Coreopsis (N-A), Wild Perennial Lupine (N-P), Corn Poppy (N-A), Gayfeather/Blazing Star (N-P), Lanced Leaf Coreopsis (N-P), Lemon Mint (N-A), Blue Columbine (N-P), Lanced Leaf Coreopsis (N-P), Rocky Mountain Pestemon (N-P), Wild Cosmos (N-A) . ***N-Native, A-Annual, P-Perennial.


Available in the following sizes:


1 oz. Packet (Covers approx. 100 sq. ft.)         $5.00


¼ pound seeds (Covers approx. 375 sq. ft.)     $15.00


½ pound seeds (Covers approx. 750 sq. ft.)      $28.00


1 pound seeds (Covers approx. 1,500 sq. ft.)    $40.00



Shipping is: 1 oz. Packet-$1.50  ¼ pound-$3.00  ½ pound-$4.00 1-4 pounds-$8.95

5 or more pound order are shipped Free.


If a portion (or all) of your order is to be donated to our public outreach program, please make sure you provide detailed instructions with your order. We will provide to community projects any seeds donated.


Send Orders/Payments to: PennApic P.O. Box 141 Lewisberry, Pa. 17339


All Checks/Money Orders are to be made out to "PennApic".


All proceeds benefit PennApic and the various environmantal and beekeeping educational programs provided to the public.


Thank You For Your Support

*** Click Here for a printable page for ordering ***


Can't download the order page? Don't worry! Just write down your name, shipping address, contact phone number, and any details, on a piece of paper and send it along with your payment.

We will take care of the rest.

Individuals, Bee Associations, and

Companies that donated seeds:

(We ask for a minimum of 1/4 pound seed donations to be listed on the site.)

(The seeds donated will be distributed to schools and other organizations to plant in the spring of

                              during earth day festivities and other events. Thank you for your support)


Wallace Swaim - Randleman, NC.


Sherry & Cy Cooper - Palmyra PA.


Susan & Robert Rzucidlo - Landenburg, PA.


Daniel Moore - Waynesburg, Pa.


Timothy Davenport - Mechanicsburg, Pa.