These are the official functions and special dates of the PBBA.

These are the upcoming dates at this time. Additional information on each event will be added as details and arrangements are made.


January 2016 (Closed)

National Honey Bee Day 2016 theme selection contest ends.


March 5, 2016

Spring Workshop

Blue Ridge County Club, Linglestown, Pa.

Open to the public. From 9 am to 3pm. Morning beginner instruction with experienced beekeepers, vendors, and everything you need to get into beekeeping. Workshop series focused on beehive products and alternative types of beekeeping. The afternoon will offer a outdoor program working bees if weather permits. Additional details to follow. If you are attending with the idea that you want to start beekeeping in 2016, please RSVP. (Click here) The workshop is free, but we want to plan accordingly. Thank you. Click here for tentative schedule.


July 30, 2016

PennApic Summer Picnic & Pig Roast 

Fun & games for the whole family. Nature walks and open bee yards await you. Enjoy the largest state wide bee picnic held each year in Pennsylvania.

Details: Friday Night bar-b-q for campers and those setting up.

Saturday: Open bee yard for the public from 9-11am.

Picnic and a full day of activities to follow.

Place: 180 Century Lane, Dillsburg, Pa. 17019

email PBBA President Luke Cline with any question:


All are invited. Please bring covered dish or other items

as coordinated.



August 20, 2016

National Honey Bee Day


October 2016

Kings Gap State Park Fall Festival



PennApic donated three basswood trees to Gifford Pinchot State Park as part of the 2012 National Honey Bee Day festivities. Randall Phelps(l) Mike Thomas & Luke Cline(r).
Helping other beekeepers, no matter the conditions and circumstances, the PBBA!



PBBA Members: (From the Pres.) If you have any

ideas for a social gathering, an interesting place

to visit, or a workshop with a topic you would

like to focus on, please let us know about it.

The goal of our event's program is to provide "social" type programs, where ideas are exchanged, topics

of interest are presented, and we all have a great

time. While we will have a guest speaker from time

to time, we want to direct the majority of our funds

directly back to beekeeper support and assistance,

and into other areas such as the learning centers

program and expansion of the bee industry. Paying

a $600 fee for an hours worth of time for one

speaker, may be better spent on the members

through various other support opportunities.


If I could, we would have a pig roast each month

and a four hour evening social discussing bees

with everyone. At least that would get my vote. But

there are too many various programs for all of us to

enjoy. So let us know if you have any ideas. And

who will have that first pig roast.......

"An Evening Among Friends" Program

This program allows the PBBA to have socials

based on interesting topics and expertise from

the members themselves. We have many

interesting individuals, that have vast

experiences with nature, gardening, farming,

unusual bee operations, etc. Our goal is to

offer mini-socials throughout the summer

beyond our major event programs, to bring

together beekeepers to enjoy these wide

ranging topics of opportunity.





Below are the directions and map to the PBBA scheduled events. Click on the address for the appropriate event.

Get Directions To:
3940 Linglestown Rd.
Harrisburg Pa 17110