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A great place for beekeepers, gardeners, nature loving folks, (and anyone else), to ask questions and get involved.


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1) PennApic has recently purchased three single frame observation hives for members to use in giving presentations to schools, environmental centers, etc. Check out the county coordinators page for locations of the observation hives.




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Spring Bee Jamboree & Pig Roast

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Welcome to the Homepage  
of the Pennsylvania
Backyard Beekeepers Assoc.
Are you interested in an association focused on helping the backyard beekeeper
become a better backyard beekeeper?  An association with worthwhile talks,
socials, and a program focused on beekeeping basics aimed directly
at the backyard beekeeper? An association dedicating on giving back as much
as it can to the members through support and programs? 
Are you one of the nearly 3,000 backyard beekeepers who make up
almost 99% of all the beekeepers in Pennsylvania? 
Then this may be just right for you !
Join the state-wide association dedicated towards
the needs of the backyard beekeeper.

The Pennsylvania Backyard Beekeepers Association (PBBA) was formed

by a small group of beekeepers who realized the need for an association

with the desire to be active, creative, supportive, social, inventive, and

dynamic in the changing world of beekeeping. One that supports a

wide range of beekeeping styles, ideologies, and experiences. And one

that could mold itself into an effective association moving forward

with unlimited capabilities. Two key components of this concept was

registering as a nonprofit, and starting an association from scratch

with no barriers or limitations. With that concept, Pennsylvania

Apiculture Inc., (PennApic) was formed. We are proud and excited

to present a state -wide nonprofit association able to help the

bee industry in a broad range of support programs while also

catering to the needs of backyard beekeepers, which make

up the membership of the PBBA. We ask for your support and 

chance to show you what we are about.  



The Pennsylvania Backyard Beekeepers Association (PBBA) is a state -wide bee association administered

under the nonprofit corporation status of Pennsylvania Apiculture Inc., a 501 ( c) filed in the

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. PennApic is also the administrator for the National Honey Bee Day program.

Please check out some of our programs and activities listed on the website. We are open to suggestions,

comments, and advice. The association membership is made up of beekeepers and nature loving individuals

just like you. And we look forward to your support. Thank you.



Not a Beekeeper?
 Looking to start beekeeping in Pennsylvania?
Please contact us (Click here) and we will help in any way possible.
 Then visit our beginners page by clicking here.
Whether your looking to gain knowledge in beekeeping, or willing to get involved and
reach out to the public through one of our many outreach programs, we have a place
for you. We have programs tailored directly towards beekeeper support, public
education, and some just based on getting together and having fun. We have one
of the most active bee programs you will ever find. Attend one or two socials or
programs, or do them all. It's up to you!  We welcome everyone, beekeeper and
non-beekeeper alike, to join the PBBA.

Highlighted Pages for the Public:

Have bees to remove? Click Here.

Looking for local honey? Click Here


Want a place to take the kids and see bees? Click Here.



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